What makes Stark Sisters Granola unique?

Every batch follows Debra Stark’s original slow-roasted recipe. Stark Sisters Granola is made from nothing but the best! More almonds, pecans, walnuts and pumpkin seeds than other granolas. Organic oats, rye and barley…pure Vermont maple syrup. It is vegan, wheat free, and kosher! Made with unrefined sweeteners only, it is the crunchiest, nuttiest granola on the market.

Wait, is there really a Debra? Of course!

And she’s mostly likely stirring that granola right now! Most days you can find her at Debra’s Natural Gourmet, 98 Commonwealth Avenue, Concord, MA 01742.

What makes Stark Sisters Granola an epicurean’s delight? Premium ingredients and the homebaked process. Freeze-dried raspberries and blueberries, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds and pure Vermont maple syrup. It’s a scrumptious burst of energy!

What about the fat content in Stark Sisters Granola?

The fat in Stark Sisters Granola is good fat! Essential fatty acids from nuts like walnuts and whole grains like oats are called essential because we need them in order to live! Every cell in our body needs to be coated with these good fats or we begin to age before we should. Studies say that children in this country are not getting enough of these good fats, which affects their ability to think and focus clearly. Studies show that people who eat good fats from nuts and seeds have fewer problems with obesity.

What about the carbs in Stark Sisters Granola?

Whole grains are great carbs! They metabolize slowly and make us feel happy. Good carbs stay with us longer and keep us feeling satisfied. They provide energy for hours. We need good protein, healthy fats and good carbs. The fact is, you can’t skip one without compromising health!

How does Stark Sisters Granola fit with the new FDA nutrition guidelines?

Whole grains are hot and in again, they are essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. These whole grains go one step better. They’re organic!

What about the sugar content in Stark Sisters Granola?

Whole grains contain sugar and are sweet by themselves. So are nuts and seeds. Debra tosses these with maple syrup before roasting so the grains become crunchy. The result is sugar – but not refined, white sugar. The sugar in Stark Sisters has minerals and nutrients. It’s not devoid of nutrient content like sugar one finds in most candy bars or bakery confections. Our “sugar” does not cause inflammation! It does not impact the immune system. However, if you’re a diabetic, our granolas are not for you!

Where can we buy Stark Sisters Granola?

In an ever-increasing number of natural and whole food stores! If your favorite stores don’t carry Stark Sisters granola, ask them to order it! Write Debra herself at Debra@StarkSisters.com or call 800-858-5549. Finally, you can call the folks at the store where this all started, Debra’s Natural Gourmet: 978-371-7573. They’ll be pleased as punch to send you Stark Sisters Granola!

Who buys Stark Sisters Granola?

Everyone! People who love great taste! People on the go, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who wants a super healthy cholesterol-free, vegan, kosher, wheat-free treat! Athletes enjoy the great taste and the good carb energy it provides. Families love the great taste and the crunchy goodness in every bite! Parents love that their kids are eating wholesome organic grains loaded with nuts, seeds and berries. College students love it for breakfast and as a late-night energizing snack. Who doesn’t buy Stark Sisters Granola is the real question!?!

What’s the best time to enjoy Stark Sisters Granola?

Anytime! As a delicious breakfast with milk, almond milk or soy milk. Mixed in with vanilla yogurt. On top of oatmeal. As an added ingredient to boost nutrition in pancake or muffin batter. As a snack when you need crunch and energy! For dessert on top of ice cream or mixed with whipped cream. As a topping for an Apple Brown Betty. In the best granola cookies ever! Of course, Debra has recipes for you! You can download them right now at StarkSisters.com!

So, what’s missing?

Empty calories, artificial coloring and flavoring, fillers, cheap ingredients. Nothing interferes with the delicate flavor! Debra makes sure of that!

Which flavor sells best?

It’s a toss up, and depends what part of the country you come from. Right now, however, Maple Almond is our best selling flavor. Nutty Maple is our most esoteric and the favorite with men because of those pumpkin seeds. (Yes, pumpkin seeds have essential fatty acids, protein and calcium. They are also rich in zinc, which is important for men’s sexual health! Zinc strengthens our immune systems and helps heal wounds.)

Portion size?

Well, we all come in different sizes. Some of us go to Pilates and ride our bikes to work. Others of us stroll to the car and drive to the nearest ice cream stand. The FDA says a serving size is one-half cup.

Please note: Stark Sisters Granola is not gluten free nor is it made in a nut-free facility.



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