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The Three Flavor Heavenly Sampler - 3 tubs
One of all three flavors, Maple Almond, Maple Raspberry Blueberry and Nutty Maple, so you can try to chose a favorite. Good luck ... even Solomon wouldn’t be able to make a decision like that.

Hungry Hubby Family Pack - 6 tubs
TWO of each flavor: Maple Almond, Maple Raspberry Blueberry and Nutty Maple. At this point, we know you know that this is truly the “Best Granola on the Planet.”Why risk ever running out?

Almond Joyous Junkie - 3 tubs
All Maple Almond because the king of nuts calls your name. This is the original flavor where it all started. When has history ever tasted so good?

Heart Healthy with cinnamon - 3 tubs
Just your favorite Nutty Maple granola.Your taste buds will do the watuzi for walnuts, pecans and pumpkin seeds and that splash of molasses.

Berry Berry Good Basket - 3 tubs
When you just want that beautiful, luscious Maple Raspberry Blueberry granola that turns your milk a gorgeous shade of purple. You love those bits of antioxidant berries too!

"I'M SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT ... " - 25 Pound Bulk Orders -
For those who are nuts about Stark Sisters Granola and want to make sure they never run out, we are delighted to ship 25 pounds bulk package of either Maple Almond or Nutty Maple (all one flavor) for only $149.75 with FREE SHIPPING via FedEx Ground. If you're dreaming of Maple Raspberry Blueberry, we'll be happy to ship you 25 pounds for $169. with FREE SHIPPING via FedEx Ground..
Maple Almond / 25 lb. Maple Raspberry Blueberry / 25 lb. Nutty Maple / 25 lb.

Orders are normally shipped within 5 days. Shipping is based upon US Post Office Priority (tubs) to a single address in the continental US.
* Both the Maple Raspberry Blueberry and Nutty Maple tubs are net weight of 10 OZ. The Maple Almond is 12 OZ.
Shipping / Handling
USPS Priority Mail
Up to $49.99 $12.95
$50 - $99.99 $18.95
$100 - $150 $24.95
$150.01 - UP FREE
25 lb Bulk Orders shipped FREE via FedEx Ground