Back in the Old Country, Grandpa Stark stirred up a crunchy granola according to a secret family recipe.  It was a labor of love. He tapped trees to make his own syrup. He sowed his own oats. His 18 siblings realized the family fortunes were made as word about this delicacy spread far and wide. Cossacks galloped up to the door and rode away with sacks of granola thrown over their shoulders. But the winds of war and turbulent times blew both Grandpa and his recipe to the New World.

Many years later in the small kitchen of her natural food store in historic West Concord, Massachusetts, Debra Stark, owner and chef, uncovered the long lost family secrect. Using only the highest quality ingredients and stirring gently with pure Vermont maple syrup, Debra recreated the flavor for which Czars once drooled. (Isn't folklore wonderful? That's the story we tell the grandkids anyway.) The wonderful aroma pulled people into the store and Stark Sisters Granola was born. Oh and the part about the aroma dragging customers into the store is definitely true!!

Stark Sisters Granola is the ultimate granola because this is the granola you’d make yourself if you had time! Roasted until crunchy and stirred so you’re left with great big clumps. Organic grains and premium ingredients carefully chosen to provide TOTAL nutritional support to balance active lifestyles. Stark Sisters Granola combines the science of nutrition with great taste!  It's also made in a kosher facility, wheat-free, vegan ... just like Grandpa would have wanted. 

Stark Sisters Granola is a bottom up success. While the big guys spend millions to sell 'stuff', it has been the customer demand which has put Stark Sisters Granola on shelves across the country. From Whole Foods to your neighborhood natural foods markets, Stark Sisters is growing, one delicious mouthful at a time.

Original Stark Family Grocery 1925
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